We've had several theories

...none of which panned out

28 December 1971
San Francisco, California, United States
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80's, accents and uncut cocks, astrology, being immature, bracelets, cheese in 80's film, clive barker, coloring books, comics, cosmopolitans, creation mythology, cuddling, dancing flames, death, dreaming, drunken revelry, endless, faded colors, faeries, fair weather enemies, fantasy, final fantasy, gay, hopeless romantics, intense lyrics, kissing, licking lips, life long friends, locking lips, losing my marbles, men, neil gaiman, piercings, ps2, psuedo punk, queens, queer, raised glasses, random nonsense, raspy voices in musicians, reading, retro, rough around the edges, rpgs, runk pock, sci-fi, sex and the city, short term crushes, smoke and mirrors, spilled milk, storming the castle, tattoos, the demons in between, tom robbins, travelling, truth in advertising, vodka, white trash, wicked smiles, writing
i'm short. and i have two thumbs.

also, i like cheese. and eggos. but not together.

i might like you. or you might suck. but i sometimes like people who suck.